making you feel beautiful

At Salon D'Amore we consider each client as an individual with his or her own wishes and needs. We strive to fulfill each wish and every need with the very best talent available. Our staff excels at creating a vibrant, youthful, stylish, romantic look for you. We do this through continual education in traditional, and the most popular, styling techniques. We use only the best beauty products to ensure a look that lasts. Our stylists are adept at solving difficult hair and grooming challenges. We are a full service spa, providing services for men, women and children from our Riverside, Illinois location.

Product Spotlight!

“Motor Mouth-
Volume AND shine? Yes please!
This thickifier with a shine boost is the new must-have in town, Great body and volume for fuller-looking hair and better grip for blow drying. Even light reflection for epic gloss and improved manageability”]

About Us

We are experienced and certified hair care stylists who are eager for you to come in and learn about the most innovative and effective hair coloring treatments on the market. We are experienced in all color processes for all hair types and continually strive to keep up on all the latest trends in hair cutting and styling. We provide comprehensive care for your nails and offer treatment for damaged nails. Our massage therapists offer a wide selection of massages and packages to promote relaxation and reduce stress and pain.